Heart speaks in tongues,

yelling angst in cries.

Listen to emotion;

silence telling lies.


No one will present,

truth of true desire.

Such emotion can ignite,

flames of raging fire.


Circling round a mind,

two questions do preside.

Let go to live own life,

or reflect and hold on tight?


When right is wrong,

and wrong is right,

decisions shall mount,

upon these restless nights.


Should happy be so real,

if reality has sharp bite?

Is strength still within,

to round one more fight?


Questions with no answer,

chances to evade.

Doubt scatters upon,

tip of sharpened blade.


Decisions leave a mark,

burning with infliction.

As turmoil scars a wound,

Cut by life’s confliction.

©Brett Kristian 2018

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