Autumns Coming

Fine drizzle spews;

autumns approaching rain.

Evening light retires,

gone, is summers gain.

Season fast now coming,

and you are in its path.

Watch as colours form,

from ash of summers past.

Trees surrender dignity,

howling in ice kiss.

Creatures take their habit;

such winds, long to miss.

Early breaks the night,

in blanket of dark black.

Huddle to draw close,

as autumn takes its sight.

Summer has concluded,

all but in a sense.

The autumn paves creation,

for memories to distinct.

Passing sun draws close,

as distance it must go.

This season now will feel,

bite of chilling blow.

Stare into the rain,

where eye does approach.

For autumn is now coming.

Soon winter, it shall broach.

Β©Brett Kristian 2018

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