Little House up the Mountain

To you, someday,

I shall come home.

The path I do know;

we spoke of it before.

Through peaks of such height,

were calm does reside.

In distance I’ll see,

home’s welcoming light.

Such warmth will sing,

from within my heart.

As return I now do;

no longer, we’re apart.

Approaching the door,

“Come in”, you will say.

Waiting there for me,

you’ll smile on this day.

The tales we will share,

as laughter grows again.

For no one could replace,

my dearest loving friend.

Feeling I knew,

of when I was young.

Returned it will be,

in face of warming sun.

I have not forgot,

nor never will do.

That house up the mountain,

we joked we’d run too.

A house of all peace,

where love does reside.

Feel it I shall,

as I join by your side.

No strife can fall,

or weary eyes should blink.

For it’ll be our moment,

reunited in sync.

But for now we must part,

though never in my heart.

For always I’ll know,

your love did not depart.

And when time comes,

I’ll knock on that door.

Little house up the mountain,

with the one I adore.

©Brett Kristian 2018

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