Sea Shell

With mightiest of all roar,

crash descends the land.

Colluded in all strength,

rise forms its command.


Pebbles meek lay scattered.

Tossed journey did decide.

Entangled corals flesh;

weeds choked in deny.


Thrust upon the texture,

sand beaten now within.

Elements fainted spot;

sea shell does rest in.


Gulped among the waves,

swung by waters sword.

Carried by this distance,

destined to its port.


Sea shell is abandoned;

perils it may face.

Waves gush in taunt,

mocked is tragic fate.


Of oceans far and wide,

resist, sees no point.

Sea shell be denied,

justice by waves court.


Though brief in moments rest,

reflect of where has been.

Sea shell sides on vulnerable,

remembering what its seen.


Resting upon stolen seconds,

for tide will strike in full.

Sea shell will commence,

again on the salted pull.


Luck should be the master,

if escape will have its chance.

For no sea shell will hold back,

the rhythm of waves dance.


Now torn through the mighty,

drowned in sailors’ glee.

But perhaps onto a golden shore,

someday, sea shell,Β will be.

Β©Brett Kristian 2018

24 thoughts on “Sea Shell

  1. Romantic and poetic yet a shell, being an external skeleton, might have once had a life but after being washed up on the shore, dried out, bleached and abandoned, certainly has no life left, thus this becomes a ghost story. Do the primitive snails and scallops of the sea have a heaven of their own? Makes you think.

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