Delicate Ribbon

Tender delicate ribbon,

I see you twirling by.

Swooning in the rhythm,

of winters dusk like sky.


Exquisite to behold;

gentle in your grace.

Splendid is the vision,

smiling upon my face.


Swirling past the clouds,

elegant with such poise.

Dancing in the breeze,

bringing heartfelt joys.


Lands you whirl across,

guiding those below.

Sent with his blessing;

the Lord does bestow.


Symbolic delicate ribbon,

heart, you tug the strings.

Praise to your presence,

for peace within, it brings.


My heart brims with love,

for I know who you are.

Woven in silks beauty,

like that of Heavens star.


Blissful, you are happy;

no tears will fall tonight.

With our loving saviour,

rejoicing in his light.


Dearest delicate ribbon,

be free, now you fly.

But as I look up at you,

I know it’s not goodbye.

Β©Brett Kristian 2018


32 thoughts on “Delicate Ribbon

  1. Beautifully written, Brett. Love the magic musicality and imagery of this poem. Also, its freshness and the sense of freedom the swirling and twirling ribbon evokes. You set the delicate ribbon free and it flies but also “it’s not goodbye”. As a person coming from Catalonia I cannot avoid my mind associating your lovely ribbon poem (which has obviously nothing to do with what I will say next), with our yellow ribbon, the symbol that has become our non-violent fight for freedom and democracy. And thank you so much for liking my last poem in collaboration with poet Donald Standeford.

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