The Hunter’s Heart

Through black silk night,

slinking with intent.

His appetite awakes;

no mercy, no repent.


A held frozen stare,

seeks upon the weak.

Armed in tested trial;

powerless are the meek.


Prey of choice, he finds;

heart guarded as before.

The hunter has his walls;

of love, they shall ignore


But there was to be one,

formed in purest beauty.

Kindness was their weapon,

shadowing the hunter’s duty.


His longing grew for more,

but met frustrations will.

Too often he had fled,

from loves addictive pill.


The hunter was no victim;

his crimes he did all own.

But eerie was that sound,

for now he was alone.


This prey had lured him in;

belief that he may keep.

This feeling of belonging,

in which his heart did leap.


One chance at embrace,

the hunter had now found.

But guarded habits old;

refuse to back down.


The hunter’s heart, too late;

words it failed to speak.

For this prey was his love;

which now he’ll never keep.

©Brett Kristian 2018


22 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Heart

      1. Oh thank you for your kind reply!! I don’t hear that from writer’s, BUT I’ll take it!! 😊 You most certainly made me heart smile this day! I’m in the back booth here at word press where I am coming cozy, just came to share some words of heart with others. Many of us writer’s just don’t know how our words make others feel. That’s why I comment when time permits, plus I adore people, though online …from a safe distance! Unfortunate that it has to that way isn’t it? Thank you once again for the kindest reply!

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