Jesus Saved Me

False was this vision,

blinding foolish eye.

Care lacked detail;

sought in deceits lie.

Haunting of misdeed,

luring promise, fake.

Toying at the ledge;

selfish hand on take.


Torrid is held card,

dealt in fraught winds.

Entrapment in its wait;

the unforgivable sin.

Often bleak is faith,

fleeing from the right.

Heralded by confusion;

arrogant of the light.


Veil of dark contempt,

rope of choking bind.

Regret borders horizon;

if followed, no rewind.

But darkness is not black,

when felt is his glow.

A guiding hand upon,

steers this troubled road.


Spoken words of silence,

yet loud, they are heard.

Forgiving hand reaches out;

no longer one is scared.

Those sins could preserve,

a hatred in this heart.

But praise and praise alone;

Jesus saved me from the dark.

Β©Brett Kristian 2018

35 thoughts on “Jesus Saved Me

  1. πŸ˜ƒ amazing work sometimes it feels like we are adrift in a void of darkness fretting about mistakes and things we can’t change. But it’s his faithfulness that keeps drawing us closer to him every time we fall. No matter how far we seem to fall we always find ourselves a little closer to him.
    that’s the impression I got as I was reading

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