Afternoons in Winter

Precious are the hours,

leading winters dusk.

Billow does the scent;

winds of tainted musk.


Disbelieving sky;

shades form their palette.

Tender subtle pinks,

chased by grey inhabit.


Rattle does stray leaves;

bare are bones of flesh.

Ghostly in reminder,

spring seen them fresh.


Clouds peep with sight,

releasing rays of blue.

Powder in appearance,

scattered by askew.


Harsh nips the air,

bitten with such chill.

Fingers at the mercy,

sensing piercing will.


Time knows its essence;

daylight has no fight.

Powerless but to watch,

stolen, soon is light.


Brief shall be the noon,

held in reign of freeze.

Cherish such a moment,

nature gives with ease.


Afternoons in winter;

paints a seasoned dream.

Indulging in this blessing,

let winter have its scene.

Β©Brett Kristian 2018


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