Raining purple skies,

drop stars, red in bolt.

Above rebellious rivers;

where backwards fish revolt.


Valleys boast in tongue,

as forests dress with pride.

Soldiered is the march,

of robins swooning by.


Spinning leafs do swirl,

kissing violent gales.

Riding on blue clouds;

chasing wagging tails.


Nature sings as ruler;

worms wear their crown.

Laughing twigs command;

mushrooms be the clown.


Pathways made of icing,

lining chocolate streets.

Gazing out the windows,

are owls eating sweets.


Upward stands the hare,

beaming with a smile.

Greeting to close friend,

“Hello, it’s been awhile.”


Now question, there is one,

what ramblings do I speak?

Deluded or mislead,

for obscure, this does read.


But answer is too simple

and reason is the key.

Boundary there is none;

this tool is always free.


Bestowed is such a gift,

upon each and all.

So use your imagination,

and let your mind now draw.

©Brett Kristian 2018

24 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. This is rich in imagery, personification, alliteration, rhythm, rhyme…. My favorite alliteration is “rebellious rivers,” and my favorite personification is “forests dress with pride.” I also like the challenge at the end for each of us to let our own imaginations run wild.

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