Flowers of Message

Those meadows of eternal,

in blossom, sing their song.

With message of each flower,

may peace descend upon.


Oh tulips coloured vibrant;

devotion, hear them speak.

Treasuring that perfect love,

our hearts will always keep.


With orchids glorious beauty;

in thoughtfulness, they care.

Their tribute to your nature,

for the kindness you did share.


Those sunflowers armoured gold,

as petals breathe the light.

Such warmth in admiration;

for you, they’ll shine so bright.


How vivid grow the bluebells,

with colours, stating true.

Constant through eternity;

our hearts will be with you.


May smiles grace carnations,

for all that they behold.

The purest true affection,

to you we shall uphold.


Now forgetting not the roses,

a favourite, they grow too.

Acknowledging all this love;

we dedicate to you.


These flowers have a pledge,

in honour from the heart.

Committed to your memory;

our love shall never part.

©Brett Kristian 2019


32 thoughts on “Flowers of Message

  1. This gives a whole new perspective to the giving of flowers to honor those we have lost. I have generally thought a gift of cash was more appropriate, since I tend to be a practical gift giver; but when you think about the symbolism behind the flowers, you really can say a lot with a bouquet.

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful.
    Each word is so uniquely distinctive to each flower.
    It is as though, you created a stage.
    Each individual Flower 🌹💐🌺 then took Center Stage.

    Just lovely 😊.

    InHisCare 🙏

    Liked by 3 people

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