The Phoenix Who Remained

These ashes of deceit,

swill in poisoned smog.

Mocking dying flame,

does guzzle sneering fog.

Silence seethes eerie;

upon the fallen sword.

Whispers of betrayal,

strike their chilling chord.

Forsaken ghosts of shadow,

sense the scratching claw.

With ruffle of silk feathers,

treads creature, in this flaw.

Amongst the bones of falsity,

in shards of snarling teeth.

Does ripple wings of courage,

relinquished of angst’s grief.

To flee shall falter closure;

how manner must maintain.

Indomitable, stands presence;

in face of hardships pain.

The coals may court distaste,

but enduring they can’t be.

For resolution sweeps in gales,

upon this oppressive scene.

Tradition strayed from legend;

in flames, prevailed abstain.

For resilient proved the spirit,

of the phoenix who remained.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019


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