My Sweetest Valentine

No rose deep in red,

could envisage this love.

Mere trinkets of gifts,

could shower, not enough.

Precious dearest treasure,

in capture, hold this heart.

Of storms, we did weather;

together, never part.

Oh sensual enchantress,

allure does your taste.

Indulgence in no mercy;

take grip upon this waist.

Like velvet, you do tease,

charming on this tongue.

Seductive in flirtation;

from you, I cannot run.

Such essence does console,

with flavoursome delight.

How I long for your hold;

please stay with me all night.

Through good and in bad,

my side you’ve always been.

Often I do wonder,

could this be a dream?

My sweetest tasting valentine,

oh you, I now shall eat.

For always has my heart,

loved a sugary sweet.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019

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