Two Bluebirds Flew

As gallant winds of wild,

command among the sky.

Dancing through the blades,

two bluebirds soar to fly.


In sunlight, so does ruffle,

gentle wings of feather.

On wisp of floating cloud,

they flutter, happy together.


With music soft in whistle;

their chorus speaks rejoice.

Sounding true affection,

and love within their voice.


In seasons light and dark,

by side they both remain.

United, they have hope,

in face of taunting rain.


Cherish seals their bond,

for always they shall be.

Stronger with each other,

in flight, forever free.


Most innocent belief;

never should they part.

But fate came from hiding,

and struck upon the heart.


Soon dawn preceded dusk,

as rainbow one did cross.

Now other stays behind,

but sees this not as loss.


How airs still hear that song,

of love and joy entwined.

Two bluebirds flew together,

and each, again, they’ll find.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019

60 thoughts on “Two Bluebirds Flew

  1. Beautifully penned, Brett. Love the flow of this poem and its gorgeous imagery with the birds. The metrical structure of 6 syllable verses and the rhymes on the second and fourth verses of each stanza add great lyricism and musicality to your piece. I also like the message of hope in the following lines:

    “Now other stays behind,
    but sees this not as loss.”

    It is so difficult for us to face loss and to learn to let go in life. When it comes to personal accomplishments we often feel devoid, deluded. I strongly recommend you and the rest of your followers here to read my friend Mario Savioni’s novel (very short chapters) β€œPickles and Tarts”. A lot of what your lovely poem expresses is there as well: what one dares to dream but cannot always accomplish: β€œFrank thought about this. Was he looking for a partner or someone to have sex with? He did not think beyond that simple, single transaction β€” the satisfaction of his baser needs, not realizing that his needs might go on given the possibility of this opportunity and mutual attraction.” Excerpt from here:

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