Stranded Feet

Salted shores of grain,

craft in marbles shade.

Roving squawks of wild,

jostle landscapes jade.

Tranquil gusts of heart,

flatter dunes with bow.

Whisper of soft sands,

swear allegiances vow.

Torn wounds in fester;

graze does knit on knee.

Powerless to her peril;

drowning lips of sea.

Statue tides of stone,

plunge their fears in fret.

Swallowing the sailor,

riddled through regret.

Compass lost direction,

denied is point of north.

Tossed into abandon,

posture now goes forth.

Bounded by no map;

wilder beach shall greet.

One who frees themself,

loose of stranded feet.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019

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