Lambs of Spring

Faithful fields of green,

boasting rising flower.

Natures preen of pride,

triumphs winter’s shower.


The shepherd valley wakes,

for tender rings the cry.

Born into the flock;

their mothers, they lean by.


Coats of woollen white;

landscape they do flake.

Soon the wobbles cease,

as venture, they do take.


Warming chuckles soar;

mischief toys with air.

Most innocent of creatures,

untainted from all care.


Sprightly jumps of glee,

meadows they do chase.

The picturesque of perfect,

blessed in God’s true grace.


The season to behold,

in beauty bathed of pure.

Such flourish of new life,

does bring the heart its cure.


As buttercups gaze watch,

now daffodils do sing.

Rejoicing of such treasure,

in praise to lambs of spring.

©Brett Kristian 2019



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