Peculiar Pup

Alas, this park of paws;

in catapult, twigs do fly.

But over barks of frenzy,

one does yelp a cry.

Mysterious is such breed;

a dog against the chase.

Canine friends in vision,

find colour ebb from face.

Peculiar seems this pup,

with rituals to adhere.

Bowl is always plastic;

if metal, please stay clear.

All shadows of surprise,

wreak havoc on the nerves.

Unknown pat of strangers,

soon will meet fast swerve.

Forget those sudden noises;

they greet a frightened call.

And hide the mop and bucket,

for fear this dog should fall.

Yet still the loyal companion,

though anxious does unveil.

A character like no other,

or distinctive as this tale.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019


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