The Magical Forest

Hypnotic sugared wings,

intrigue the mystic trails.

Beneath natives canopy,

gyrates the dancing snails.

The twirling choirs rivet;

sweet butterfly singing key.

With orchestra of squirrels,

hear whistles charming glee.

Gold leaves in crispy knit,

make bed on velvet moss.

As giggling young sparrows,

cartwheel in gushing toss.

Those fluffy hops of paw;

white bunnies now do seat.

Around the sleeping oak,

where daisies wait in greet.

Beside the lounging fox,

who bathes in silk raindrop.

The scurried feet of mice,

splish splash a playful plop.

Enrapture shall wood logs;

their wisdom they do spawn.

To bees who cook their honey,

baked in flowers rich dawn.

Enchanting nature’s scene;

spellbinding is fine sight.

This forest breathing wonder,

with magic and delight.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019

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