This Rusting Car

Dear motor rev your tale,

as vivid red you bleed.

Encrusting shade of rot,

your arches now do breed.


Invasion of salt claws;

the enemy holds in clutch

Against your waxing body,

corroding fangs did touch.


How noble chassis fought,

against the blemished fate.

But notion was too fail,

from natures devastate.


Polished distant dreams,

remain in staining chrome.

But victim fell your metal,

to froth of decays foam.


Discolour taints the sight,

as sneers predict an end.

However they’re mistaken,

for faithful, you are friend.


A languished frame may be,

but roar your cogs still do.

Upon these roads of open,

reliant, you’ll coast through.


This vehicle steers assertive;

surviving odds of chance.

Despite a festered plague,

on tarmac, proud is stance.


Eventual shall be ending;

last judgement won’t be far.

But left is still more drive,

within this rusting car.

©Brett Kristian 2019

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