Emblazoned door of oak,

faint knock you did so hear.

Doused by twilights mist;

stay bolted, you did fear.


Red lanterns of the night,

befall their orange glow.

By silhouettes of shadow,

despair did rain in throe.


Oh leather boots in wither,

downcast by hand of play.

With stitching threads in tear,

humility sought lost way.


Thin veil did coat the flesh,

concealing knuckles white.

Now dawning steps of home,

but darkened was your light.


This figure treads cold dusk;

with thud, did tap his cry.

A plea of desperate reason;

why blind did turn your eye?


These streets of ill repute;

unsavoury masks do rule.

For shoulder of the wolf,

did lure and trap the fool.


The pledge of sealing brass;

no lock shall turn embrace.

This knocking must disperse,

for truth he now shall face.


Safe haven you won’t give;

in furnish dwell your lies.

But from rejections dust,

determined will soon flies.


Upon your threshold watch,

this man now walk away.

Bestowing his forgiveness,

for the heart you did betray.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019

20 thoughts on “Betray

  1. I love it when I find someone new whose work I love. Your work reminds me of Shakespeare. Not blowing smoke either not my style. Beautiful. Wow. Joni

    Liked by 1 person

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