The Lord’s Blessed Sand

Golden stone born to sand,

immersing toes in tread.

Ocean kiss, breathing mist,

as gulls soar skies ahead.


Stunning scene, beach of vast;

no other mars this peace.

Walking both side by side,

as time does stop to cease.


Footed bare, laughter rings;

old stories flow in tale.

Recollect, memories dear,

along this seashore’s trail.


Blush of sun shines upon,

as cherished bond does thrive.

Lonely hours since depart,

now fade where we arrive.


Rugged shells of the swim,

in rest of splendid strand.

On approach to waves edge,

we pause to take our stand.


Skies of blue dazzle light,

where pieces mend in heal.

Sorrows heart once in split,

now beats again to feel.


Treasured dream, please remain;

let truth not flow to mind.

Should this vision draw to end,

one set of prints you’ll find.


Praise this beach with belief;

one day I’ll grasp your hand.

That together, we’ll both be,

upon the Lord’s blessed sand.

©Brett Kristian 2019

28 thoughts on “The Lord’s Blessed Sand

    1. Best advice I can give is just write in a style that is comfortable for you. There is no wrong or right way of writing poetry so experiment and most of all just enjoy it 😊 hope this helps 😊


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