My Name is Bee

“Shoo! Shoo! Go away!”

“Where did it go?”

“Is it gone yet? No! It’s there, SHOO!”

“Shoo I say”!


Now just hold on a second!

I’m only a buzzing bee.


I’ve came into your garden,

with a mission to complete.


Frenzied screams, really?

Oh look he’s running away.


And why is she still crying?

I didn’t come to play.


The summer sun in season,

with ripened flowers to pick.


I think you’re overreacting,

now put down that big stick!


“I hate them, OH I HATE THEM!”


Seriously? I could not guess.


But pollen is my market,

in fact, I’m one of the best.


I came here for the daisies,

ok and bluebells too.


And since I made this flight,

I see your rosemary grew.


The Queen at home is waiting;

our banquet is tonight.


And I’ll regale my story,

of all your silly fright.


“It stung me, oh it stung me!”


Beg pardon? I have not!


Had you done your research,

my ending, you’d have brought.


Now settle down those screams,

I’m finished and I’ll leave.


“I hate those pesky wasps!”


Now just one moment please.


I see you have two eyes,

and working they must be.


Perhaps explain your insult;

and my name is the bee.


I’ll stand those wailing arms,

heck, even that big stick.


But calling me a wasp,

now that’s a big mistake.


“The wasp is going, it’s going!”


And yes I won’t be back.


But just remember I’m the bee,

who told the wasps ATTACK!

©Brett Kristian 2019

42 thoughts on “My Name is Bee

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