Venom Web

The wasteland of ornate,
spun from woven thread.
In graveyard for the fallen,
now sleeps the silent dread.

The slinking slayer struck,
propelled by web of might.
Carved from silk extruded,
by gaze of shadows night.

Unquenchable drew taste,
fed on hurtled scream.
With bite of cut conclusion,
such famish ran supreme.

Those bells of tolling gasp,
did cry for tethered prey.
In bind of stuck seclusion,
awaits oh reckoning day.

In taunt, laughs domination,
with mock of victories rhyme.
Upon the stricken fragile,
slow cooked for final dine.

Where dawn of execution,
forsakes its rising sun.
A moments closing call,
reflects on why this come.

Allure seduced the scent;
of danger thrill perceived.
Provoked by rushing sense,
but blindly truth deceived.

The venom web enticed,
a mastery skilled in plot.
Built by crafted narrative;
alas and now you’re caught.

Β©Brett Kristian 2020

21 thoughts on “Venom Web

    1. Thank you for the great feedback, really appreciate it 😊 I knew I wanted to create a poem about a cobweb and once i started to write it I just found myself getting into the flow with the story. Not sure why exactly a cobweb came to my mind but I am happy with how the end result turned out 😁 thank you again 😊

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