The Magical Forest

Hypnotic sugared wings, intrigue the mystic trails. Beneath natives canopy, gyrates the dancing snails. The twirling choirs rivet; sweet butterfly singing key. With orchestra of squirrels, hear whistles charming glee. Gold leaves in crispy knit, make bed on velvet moss. As giggling young sparrows, cartwheel in gushing toss. Those fluffy hops of paw; white bunnies […]

Swansong February

Woodlands of nocturnal; abode for slumbers dwell. Veiled airs, crisp with ice, taint frozen with their smell.   Oppression of stark trees, in hardship, they persist. Robbed of blossoms dignity, but surrender, they’ll resist.   Prolonged, the war of skies, by threat of sombre shades. Beneath clouds hailing stone, does fall the glacier’s blade.   […]

Flowers of Message

Those meadows of eternal, in blossom, sing their song. With message of each flower, may peace descend upon.   Oh tulips coloured vibrant; devotion, hear them speak. Treasuring that perfect love, our hearts will always keep.   With orchids glorious beauty; in thoughtfulness, they care. Their tribute to your nature, for the kindness you did […]


Raining purple skies, drop stars, red in bolt. Above rebellious rivers; where backwards fish revolt.   Valleys boast in tongue, as forests dress with pride. Soldiered is the march, of robins swooning by.   Spinning leafs do swirl, kissing violent gales. Riding on blue clouds; chasing wagging tails.   Nature sings as ruler; worms wear […]

Little House up the Mountain

To you, someday, I shall come home. The path I do know; we spoke of it before. Through peaks of such height, were calm does reside. In distance I’ll see, home’s welcoming light. Such warmth will sing, from within my heart. As return I now do; no longer, we’re apart. Approaching the door, “Come in”, […]

The January Robin

Today, cold held by January’s winter sky, humble a sweet robin flew closely by. Silent was the moment, when a song began to play. A sound rings familiar, reflection of a forgone day.   Fragile this little robin graced upon a sky so high. With a focus captivated, determined within its eye. In second, now […]