Venom Web

The wasteland of ornate, spun from woven thread. In graveyard for the fallen, now sleeps the silent dread. The slinking slayer struck, propelled by web of might. Carved from silk extruded, by gaze of shadows night. Unquenchable drew taste, fed on hurtled scream. With bite of cut conclusion, such famish ran supreme. Those bells of […]

Two Bluebirds Flew

As gallant winds of wild, command among the sky. Dancing through the blades, two bluebirds soar to fly.   In sunlight, so does ruffle, gentle wings of feather. On wisp of floating cloud, they flutter, happy together.   With music soft in whistle; their chorus speaks rejoice. Sounding true affection, and love within their voice. […]

Dream Again

Upon the crease of oak, knots and kinks entwine. Rustic lock, held this chest, but opened now does find. Dreams of all assortments; ambitions towering high. Fantasies in make belief; no boundaries to comply. In rhythm senses thrust, with breaths of merry excite. Ensnarling, strike the colours, painting thoughts in bright. Immeasurable rule wishes, oh […]

The Phoenix Who Remained

These ashes of deceit, swill in poisoned smog. Mocking dying flame, does guzzle sneering fog. Silence seethes eerie; upon the fallen sword. Whispers of betrayal, strike their chilling chord. Forsaken ghosts of shadow, sense the scratching claw. With ruffle of silk feathers, treads creature, in this flaw. Amongst the bones of falsity, in shards of […]

Swansong February

Woodlands of nocturnal; abode for slumbers dwell. Veiled airs, crisp with ice, taint frozen with their smell.   Oppression of stark trees, in hardship, they persist. Robbed of blossoms dignity, but surrender, they’ll resist.   Prolonged, the war of skies, by threat of sombre shades. Beneath clouds hailing stone, does fall the glacier’s blade.   […]


This world is magnificent, but unsightly it can be. So hallelujah and rejoice, for always there is tea. Milky white, sugar or not; black may be your taste. Sturdy strong, weak or mild; choose at your own pace. When turbulence unfolds, and clarity you can’t see. There is nothing quite so bad, when pondered with […]

Flowers of Message

Those meadows of eternal, in blossom, sing their song. With message of each flower, may peace descend upon.   Oh tulips coloured vibrant; devotion, hear them speak. Treasuring that perfect love, our hearts will always keep.   With orchids glorious beauty; in thoughtfulness, they care. Their tribute to your nature, for the kindness you did […]

Church Bells

Church bells are now ringing; echo calls out loud. Sounding is the message, through Jesus, we are found.   Bestowed is such a lesson, through earth’s torn seams. Show kindness and humility, and know the Lord has seen.   Let turmoil know with faith, in Jesus, there is hope. Bended knee, say a prayer, and […]


Raining purple skies, drop stars, red in bolt. Above rebellious rivers; where backwards fish revolt.   Valleys boast in tongue, as forests dress with pride. Soldiered is the march, of robins swooning by.   Spinning leafs do swirl, kissing violent gales. Riding on blue clouds; chasing wagging tails.   Nature sings as ruler; worms wear […]

The Slate

A moment to seek, subtle in reflect. Ponder no former; excuse all mistakes. Dwell not on lessons, hardship nor pain. Pardon misdeeds; let peace now remain. Forward, move feet, and look not behind. Be grounded no more; dawn rises, now fly. Forgive heavy heart, and soul shall be free. Unbounded are chains, exempt of misery. […]