Jesus Saved Me

False was this vision, blinding foolish eye. Care lacked detail; sought in deceits lie. Haunting of misdeed, luring promise, fake. Toying at the ledge; selfish hand on take.   Torrid is held card, dealt in fraught winds. Entrapment in its wait; the unforgivable sin. Often bleak is faith, fleeing from the right. Heralded by confusion; […]

The Hunter’s Heart

Through black silk night, slinking with intent. His appetite awakes; no mercy, no repent.   A held frozen stare, seeks upon the weak. Armed in tested trial; powerless are the meek.   Prey of choice, he finds; heart guarded as before. The hunter has his walls; of love, they shall ignore   But there was […]

On Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day, we shall remember, the sacrifice you made. Your blood you spilled, across torn lands, so darkness we’d evade.   On Remembrance Day, we shall remember, that price you all did pay. Those battlegrounds, and selfless acts; you gave us our today.   On Remembrance Day, we shall remember, the fallen on the […]

Delicate Ribbon

Tender delicate ribbon, I see you twirling by. Swooning in the rhythm, of winters dusk like sky.   Exquisite to behold; gentle in your grace. Splendid is the vision, smiling upon my face.   Swirling past the clouds, elegant with such poise. Dancing in the breeze, bringing heartfelt joys.   Lands you whirl across, guiding […]

The Pumpkin’s Fate

Coronation of crop, harvest reigns supreme. Leaves crisp on ground, as season does swing. Colours swirl in dance, against natures song, whilst pumpkin does stand, proudly boasting tall. But security is false; a fool’s misbelief. Fate awaits the pumpkin; soon it shall bleed. Not stew, nor soup, or even tasting sweet. It’s the cold sharp […]

These Shoulders

Sculpted in strength. Carved with admire. Weight weighs vision; a world set on fire. Punches dart fast, kicks mark their blow. But these shoulders stand; their resilience on show.   Perils have tolled, loved ones around. But these shoulders bare, the pain of their frown. Let light not flicker; fade to the abyss. When ahead […]


Let silence be a moment, tranquil with reflect. Knowledge in detail; strength through neglect.   Let the calm be a wave, spiralling through the seas. Engulfed salted lungs, soak freedoms breathe.   Let silence be a virtue; masters of command. Emptiness can’t survive, a warrior risen to stand.   Let winds gale in hope, blustered […]