Emblazoned door of oak, faint knock you did so hear. Doused by twilights mist; stay bolted, you did fear.   Red lanterns of the night, befall their orange glow. By silhouettes of shadow, despair did rain in throe.   Oh leather boots in wither, downcast by hand of play. With stitching threads in tear, humility […]

My Sweetest Valentine

No rose deep in red, could envisage this love. Mere trinkets of gifts, could shower, not enough. Precious dearest treasure, in capture, hold this heart. Of storms, we did weather; together, never part. Oh sensual enchantress, allure does your taste. Indulgence in no mercy; take grip upon this waist. Like velvet, you do tease, charming […]

The Hunter’s Heart

Through black silk night, slinking with intent. His appetite awakes; no mercy, no repent.   A held frozen stare, seeks upon the weak. Armed in tested trial; powerless are the meek.   Prey of choice, he finds; heart guarded as before. The hunter has his walls; of love, they shall ignore   But there was […]


Cremated ash; hands have burned. Scarred by the flame; love they have yearned.   Solidarity of unspoken, eyes did fail to hide. Passion soon overtakes, urges feel no deny.   Control had lost, battle held no fight. Resistance failed its thrill, concluded in lovers’ plight.   Intoxicated by the rush, lusting for this heat. Yet […]

Elusive Love

Chasing behind, forever so close. Swerve plays game, of loves absent ghost. Brag of fortunate, for they entwine. Love shines on them, as the bitter beg to dine. Puppy dog eyes, oh what they must see? Picture of perfect, bathed in loving ease? Opportunity may present, its object of desire. But misunderstood, is the heart […]


Colourful characters, steeped in flaws. Passions ignited, emotions cut raw. Turbulence of will; locking of horns. Revolution sowed roots; fire was born. Anger played role, master of despair. Violence did taint vicious breathed air. Dreams ranged in scope, mighty and lame. Words cut and healed those they did name. Moments tripped live, volts did point. […]

The Alpha

“What have you done to me?” Cries out the alpha, now in love.   Your tested methods of seduction, now lead the alphas heart to trust.   The alpha is strong, courageous in jest. His love is ferocious; wild is the beast. Yet her skin felt soft; softer than silks touch. Her beauty did astound, […]

Lover’s Chokehold

Gasp. See desire burn its flames, those flames of lust. Such passion of temptation; guilt forms a must. The object of affection; beauty of behold. A lingering of a lover, the absence grows cold.   Choke. Chained to this passion; shackled by tied hands. Throbs of such excitement stated by her command. Darkest of the […]

Her Embrace

He is safe when she lies by his side. Gripping his hand, tightly through long night.   With warm body he tingles at your hold. He knows of your love, precious like gold.   Your breath caresses over his still neck, as tender he leans, heart pray, it won’t break.                                                                                                     Passionate embrace, together feel […]