Wooden Tracks

Splintered wooden track, parched by blistered sun. Desert dusts its breeze, wilting weeds on run.   Carriage long departed; by foot, steps the heel. Searing sands scorch; waters bow in kneel.   Bones stare abandoned; skeletons line in pour. Luminous are the scars, betrayal sought to score.   Whistles hummed of blue, to echo barren […]

Lambs of Spring

Faithful fields of green, boasting rising flower. Natures preen of pride, triumphs winter’s shower.   The shepherd valley wakes, for tender rings the cry. Born into the flock; their mothers, they lean by.   Coats of woollen white; landscape they do flake. Soon the wobbles cease, as venture, they do take.   Warming chuckles soar; […]

Stranded Feet

Salted shores of grain, craft in marbles shade. Roving squawks of wild, jostle landscapes jade. Tranquil gusts of heart, flatter dunes with bow. Whisper of soft sands, swear allegiances vow. Torn wounds in fester; graze does knit on knee. Powerless to her peril; drowning lips of sea. Statue tides of stone, plunge their fears in […]

Swansong February

Woodlands of nocturnal; abode for slumbers dwell. Veiled airs, crisp with ice, taint frozen with their smell.   Oppression of stark trees, in hardship, they persist. Robbed of blossoms dignity, but surrender, they’ll resist.   Prolonged, the war of skies, by threat of sombre shades. Beneath clouds hailing stone, does fall the glacier’s blade.   […]


Colourful characters, steeped in flaws. Passions ignited, emotions cut raw. Turbulence of will; locking of horns. Revolution sowed roots; fire was born. Anger played role, master of despair. Violence did taint vicious breathed air. Dreams ranged in scope, mighty and lame. Words cut and healed those they did name. Moments tripped live, volts did point. […]

If Life Was Easy

Strings tighten, the noose does grip. Its claws capture, the heart it has bit. Knockbacks grow harder with each new kick, as that feeling of disappointment, continues to stick.   How tear drenched eyes see world around, in fire, burn, does its flames of raw. The balance outweighed, tipped in pain, reeks of resentments nasty […]

Free Spirit

Bare foot, the leafy grass sinks beneath these toes. Gentle blows the winds, as summer shines in gold. The sound of nature’s birds, echo in the sky. Free I do move through lights twinkling eye.   To the rhythm, naked feet, dance by these sounds. Streams trickle past as laughter absorbs around. Caressing rays heat […]

Creeping Eye

Blink, but you shall not miss it. There can be no doubt, spring has come to visit. Darkest nights of cruel winter grow soon departed, as flowers now shoot, colour explodes through garden. Temperature still numb, though warmth does creep, for spring is coming, over will be winters long sleep.   Birds flock back, to […]