Three Words

Oh loving dearest star;

rejoice, rejoice for you.

Upon this changing dusk,

I gaze into night’s blue.


On eve of breaking year,

my promise shall remain.

Forever and for always,

I’ll smile through baying rain.


Those tribulations yes;

too many one has fought.

However triumph reigned,

by strength of what you taught.


A giving heart will beat;

enthralled by hand of kind.

As laughter marks its cure,

in times of straying blind.


Though foolish to concept;

a cloud will always sway.

But it will meet my greet,

and three words I do say.


On evening of new breath,

may dreams all relish true.

For three words that I speak,

are simply I love you.

©Brett Kristian 2019


Happy New Year to all my followers and everyone who has continued to support my blog and poetry journey. I hope 2020 brings you all happiness and joy. Looking forward to the next chapter in my journey and continuing to share my work with all you wonderful, fantastic people of Word Press. God Bless.

38 thoughts on “Three Words

  1. Very nice to see your return. You have been away a long time! Thank you for reading a recent poem of mine. And for the like as well. ☀️ Your writing is so good!!
    I looked for your pen name a couple of times, but you were gone.

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