Love and Pain

Emotions tears so flew,

streamed by salted sway.

Heartfelt echoes sounded,

in cast of lights warm ray.

Born heavy clouds of seek,

find promised hands in bind.

Dragged from lying shadows,

to face despairs cold grind.

Evolving mind failed start,

for reckless had so stepped.

But came embarking mercies,

revived where sorrow wept.

Past wick refused relight;

of candle, gained was new.

Bathed in milks of modest,

forged from tortures blue.

In stride fell scriptures truth;

goodwill breathes soul alive.

With beating pump in revel,

compassions heart did thrive.

In measure, faltered balance,

unjust through scales of war.

But love and pain wove to knit,

this character who had tore.

Β©Brett Kristian 2019


30 thoughts on “Love and Pain

      1. Fellow poet, I certainly recognize the gift of writing that you have! And I appreciate it very much! I hope you are well, and I am looking forward to you writing again! Take care…

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