With me, Lord

Dear Lord. Praise be onto you, for always you are by my side. Through my journey you have seen, my growth in person, character and esteem. I reach such point where I know change must evolve. Yet while I fear this unknown, your love remains strong. Holy Father in Heaven, high above. Pray you will […]

Your Cell

Confined in this cell; trapped, you keep me in your hell. Of charge I am not guilty, yet your ruling has fell. You seem fit to find my fault, punish me for no wrong. As though banished sentence would make you feel strong.   The walls of solid stone echo a scream, muffled moan. Caged, […]

A Mother’s Day Blessing

A mother is a blessing; let her be blessed from above. She is the protector, the earth and true soul. Her love unconditional, no boundaries need be set. Throughout every storm she will weather the ship. Guidance she does bestow upon her child, whom she loves. No journey is walked alone without a mothers endearing […]

Heavens New Rose

Among the flowers that bloom in bed, there grows a rose, majestic, in such stead. Red petals flourish, courting such scene. Soft wind swoons, over this eternal dream.   Air whistles rhythm of the birds that do sing. The rose stands protected, under their guiding wing. Such peace does whisper among the flowers of surround. […]

Shallow Mouth

Your vicious words hit on sharp stride. You do not see them cut; blind to blunt knife. Fear be the driver; no emotions, not shown. Cannot understand; cruel words will solve unknown. Spout it out, “How dare you believe, that more you could be!” Say it loud “I hate you, do you know I hate […]

Creeping Eye

Blink, but you shall not miss it. There can be no doubt, spring has come to visit. Darkest nights of cruel winter grow soon departed, as flowers now shoot, colour explodes through garden. Temperature still numb, though warmth does creep, for spring is coming, over will be winters long sleep.   Birds flock back, to […]

Her Embrace

He is safe when she lies by his side. Gripping his hand, tightly through long night.   With warm body he tingles at your hold. He knows of your love, precious like gold.   Your breath caresses over his still neck, as tender he leans, heart pray, it won’t break.                                                                                                     Passionate embrace, together feel […]