Little House up the Mountain

To you, someday, I shall come home. The path I do know; we spoke of it before. Through peaks of such height, were calm does reside. In distance I’ll see, home’s welcoming light. Such warmth will sing, from within my heart. As return I now do; no longer, we’re apart. Approaching the door, “Come in”, […]

Autumns Coming

Fine drizzle spews; autumns approaching rain. Evening light retires, gone, is summers gain. Season fast now coming, and you are in its path. Watch as colours form, from ash of summers past. Trees surrender dignity, howling in ice kiss. Creatures take their habit; such winds, long to miss. Early breaks the night, in blanket of […]

The Herd

Shuffle, groan speaks. Misplaced logic runs; restless, tired feet. Herded to the line, marker lies in wait. Grapple long for, other chosen fate. Unique, no home; reason for stay. Follow for reward, hand given, by slay. Herd is the lead, master of device. Trapped by flock, routine, takes its slice. ©Brett Kristian 2018


Heart speaks in tongues, yelling angst in cries. Listen to emotion; silence telling lies.   No one will present, truth of true desire. Such emotion can ignite, flames of raging fire.   Circling round a mind, two questions do preside. Let go to live own life, or reflect and hold on tight?   When right […]


Climax of the dawn, ebb wounds of light. Forbidden entourage, seeks merit in night.   Practice in the arts, life of give and take. Leading final collapse, is mask, hid in fake.   Rebalanced is wreckage. Storms calmed in sight. Wings spring to jump, horizon takes its flight.   Regrets litter grave, haunted by abstain. […]

Elusive Love

Chasing behind, forever so close. Swerve plays game, of loves absent ghost. Brag of fortunate, for they entwine. Love shines on them, as the bitter beg to dine. Puppy dog eyes, oh what they must see? Picture of perfect, bathed in loving ease? Opportunity may present, its object of desire. But misunderstood, is the heart […]


Colourful characters, steeped in flaws. Passions ignited, emotions cut raw. Turbulence of will; locking of horns. Revolution sowed roots; fire was born. Anger played role, master of despair. Violence did taint vicious breathed air. Dreams ranged in scope, mighty and lame. Words cut and healed those they did name. Moments tripped live, volts did point. […]